Trying to get your name out into the big wide world is an integral part of any business.  But with no budget to work with there is a limited amount that you can do.  So recently I have been doing a little more to try and promote myself, and get people thinking about Aisling Designs.

I was very happy to be asked to create a bunting for a recent Etsy meet up in Nottingham.  It  managed to get into the photos of the event, which have since been posted in various places on the internet, as well is an article in a Nottingham newspaper.

Other ways of promoting Aisling Designs recently include taking part in a free shipping promotion that is happening on Etsy.  So for the rest of March you can get free shipping within the UK in my shop and others, by using the code FREEMARCH13.  The other shops taking part can be found here.

Also on Etsy, I am taking part in a team giveaway, in association with the British Emporia Team.  Which means that the winner will get £100 to spend in ten shops taking part in the giveaway, that’s £10 in each shop.  More details can be found  here.

Then there is the “networking”.  Facebook and Twitter are great for this (when I can think of something to post about ;) ) If you haven’t yet found me in these places I am on Facebook right here, and Twitter just here.  Every Tuesday and Thursday evening between 8 and 9pm there is a #uketsyhour on twitter, so if you want to find more UK based crafters, it might be worth checking this out, I have found some wonderful shops there, that I would never have come across otherwise.


New buntings galore

I realised that there are many buntings that have been made over the last couple of months or so that I haven’t shown you.  These first four buntings are part of the order for the nursery, but are now available for custom order.  Some zoo themed bunting, which can be ordered here.

This gorgeous music themed bunting, which is now in a black multi-sensory room at the nursery is also available for order right here

A request for outdoors bunting had me thinking.  But after some research I found some fabrics that were perfect for being outdoors all the time.  Ripstop fabric, (like kite material and the material that tents are made from), waterproof, bright, and great for bringing colour to the outdoor space no matter what the season or weather.  Now available for order just here.

Another bunting for the nursery, which again can be ordered via my Etsy shop.

I found a wonderful bundle of fat quarters that were begging me to turn them into some sweet bunting for a little girls room, or to bring a touch of delicate charm to a room.  So this lovely bunting is actually in stock, and available for shipping immediately.

I also had some gorgeous fabric from the amazing RainbowGirl (I love her fabrics, they are so wonderful to work with), and the colours and pattern screamed St Patricks Day! So I created a bunting just the right size for fitting on the mantel piece, as this was all I could make with the material I had.  This has already been sold, but I will have to find some more fabric for next year, to recreate something similar.

I’ve had a few more custom orders.  One for a local shop that sells second hand baby and childrens clothing and equipment.  The challenge was to make something that was “baby-ish”" but that could also be seen from the street.  Having seen it hanging in the shop window now, I can say we safely achieved that.  It is a double bunting, which again can be ordered here with the wording of your choice, whether it be for a shop, or just to say something more than you can fit on a single bunting.

Another bunting I have been commissioned to make is for a wedding stylist, who can be found at as of this Sunday.  The bunting was made with lace behind the felt to create the union jack effect, which I was very pleased with.

There has been another commission made too, but it is still under wraps, so I can reveal this at a later date.

As you can see, it has been a busy time, and there are many more bunting ideas in the wings.  If you have an idea of your own you would like me to create, please contact me on, or via my Etsy shop.


And the winner is…

Thank you to everyoone who helped me celebrate my first year on Etsy by entering my giveaway.  There were 32 names put in the felted bowl this morning.

I asked for a volunteer to draw a name from the bowl, and my lovely middle son, Alec kindly offered.

And the name that was drawn out, and therefore  the winner of the chick and nest, is….

Congratulations Clair, if you could let me have your address, I will get your prize to you.

Not wanting to leave everyone else with nothing.  I am taking part in a free shipping promotion on Etsy.  So any purchase within the UK, for the duration of March will be entitled to free shipping by using the code FREEMARCH13.