Getting Spooky

We’ve been getting organised here over the summer holidays.  A couple of new designs of Halloween bunting have so far been made, with another still waiting in the wings.  We have a lime green Spooky bunting, with spider web netting on the end flags.  This is a mini bunting, so perfect for hanging over on the mantel piece, or in a corner of a room.  It can be ordered here

007 We also have a large bunting, with 9 flags it is about 3 metres long, and spells out “haunted” with  some haunted house/ halloween printed flags at either end.  Again, not the traditional colours that  you associate with halloween, but it will look fantastic helping to decorate a Halloween party.  It can be purchased here.007 Last years buntings, are also available for order, going with a more traditional theme. This one is a large bunting, comprising of 7 flags, 3 printed flags and 4 appliqued flags (a pumpkin, cauldron, ghost, and bat)011And finally another mini bunting, this time spelling out “BOO” with a spider web embroidered onto the first end flag, and a spider appliqued onto the end flag.  This too is available for order right here