Because summer is always unpredictable!

Certainly in the UK, where we are based, summer is always a pretty unpredictable affair.  We can get a spell of dry weather where we are crying out for rain, or we can have the wettest weather imaginable, where we are crying out for it to just stop raining!  So, for those times (that can sometimes seem so very rare) we have waterproof bunting.  It will bring colour to your garden even on the greyest of days, and when the sun does shine through, you already have decorations up for when you get the barbeque out!

All the bunting flags are made from ripstop fabric, which is a nylon fabric used to make kites and tents.

We have a budget range of plain coloured flags, flag costing £1.  We have this in rainbow colours

003… and neon.  As the plain ripstop fabric is the same both sides, each flag is a single piece of fabric, which is what makes it that bit cheaper.

002The other range is also double sided, but the patterned fabric is not double sided, so two pieces of fabric are required to make the reversible effect.  And to maintain continuity, this is repeated with the plain ripstop.


There is floral with red and yellow flags…

007…and butterfly and flowers with blue and pink fabric.  Each of these is £2 a flag.


Custom orders are, as ever, always welcome.  And there is plenty of fabric to make some long lengths of bunting should they be required.  And although we are armed with waterproof bunting, here’s hoping we have a wonderfully sunny summer.