A new range and a giveaway

For a long time now, when I have been making one of the many nautical buntings, I’ve thought it would be a good idea to make some cushion covers to go with these.  So, finally I got around to having a bit of a play.  I decided to see if I could get the “A” cushion correct, as this would be the most complicated, with having to make a square cushion out of a non square flag.  I figured it out with a bit of experimenting, and the end result was very pleasing.  If you click on the picture it should take you through to my Etsy shop.

nauticalcushion3Why stop there though?  I have a whole range of buntings, many for children’s rooms, where a co-ordination cushion may well look rather sweet, so I made some more, still patchwork, and all with an envelope closure at the back, so there was no zips to catch on.  (cushions are invariably thrown around by young children, or is that just my children?)

So we have a cushion for the jungle bunting

junglecushion4The cushion which goes with the unicorn bunting


The cushion to go with the ever popular zoo bunting


And a new cushion to go with a new bunting, using the wonderful Westfalenstoffe cotton fabrics.

duckcushion3duck4So to celebrate this new range, which will continue to expand.  I am holding a bit of a giveaway over on Facebook.  All you have to do is have a look through my shop, and tell me in the comments on Facebook what your favourite item is.  The winner will win this fantastic Mickey Mouse banner, cushion and toy bag.

mickey compilation


Geek fest

Recently there has been a bit of a theme to the bunting I have been producing.  A bit of a geek theme.  It all started with some weather front bunting.  I’d been looking at the weather forecast, and it struck me that the fronts on the maps looked like bunting.  It had then been at the back of my mind for a while, and it got to a point where I just HAD to make it!  It’s made out of ripstop fabric, which makes it weather proof too!  It can be seen in full over on Etsy.

weather bunting

It then progressed onto the geekiness of computers.  Finding this keyboard fabric as a discontinued remnant made it even more alluring to make, knowing that this would be my only chance.  Combined with circuit board fabric just compounds the geek factor!  When my sons saw the bunting, they wanted it there and then, but I have denied them this for now, and put it for sale in the shop.


Finally I found this fantastic range of fabrics by Robert Kaufman. It immediately appealed to my inner geek, and again I just couldn’t let it sit in my stash for too long, before turning it into this bunting, which is already proving very popular.


I think I have got the geekiness out of my system for now, but if I find some more brilliant fabrics that appeal to that side of me, you can be assured that I will get creating with more geeky bunting.


A TV campaign

1481_UK_TV_ad_800x800_AISLING DEZINES


At the beginning of May a call went out for people to apply to be in Etsy’s first ever UK tv advert.  After some logistical considerations, I applied, and then didn’t think too much of it afterwards.

To my utter amazement, I was selected along with my bunting (and 60 odd other Etsy sellers).  So a beautiful sunny Wednesday in mid May I found myself sat on a train with lots of business commuters, speeding my way to London.

The day was amazing, if exhausting!  A fantastic insight into advert production and the work that goes into making a 30 second advert!  I met lots of wonderful Etsy sellers, all of who were equally as passionate about handmade.  If you click on the icon below, you will be able to see some of their wonderful products.


You can get a feel for the day of filming itself through this behind the scenes footage that has been produced.

The advert itself is now live, and can be seen over the next three weeks on Channel 4 and Sky channels.  But in case you don’t catch it on the telly, it is also on you tube  Look out for the bunting ;)



I’m back


Thank you to my wonderful technical support (aka as my husband) I can now show you all the wonderful buntings I have been busy making over the 6 months I have been not updating the site.  So prepare to be bombarded over the next few days with plenty of buntings, along with some knitting and crochet, and even some embroidery.

The most recent bunting was 6m of rainbow bunting. I was pleased to be able to use this as an excuse to update my pictures of this, as my photography skills have improved since the first rainbow bunting I made, back in the early days.  I still have plenty of material  left, for more orders should anyone want any, and can provide lengths from 1.5m through to 6m or beyond if so required, it can be ordered here.

New buntings galore

I realised that there are many buntings that have been made over the last couple of months or so that I haven’t shown you.  These first four buntings are part of the order for the nursery, but are now available for custom order.  Some zoo themed bunting, which can be ordered here.

This gorgeous music themed bunting, which is now in a black multi-sensory room at the nursery is also available for order right here

A request for outdoors bunting had me thinking.  But after some research I found some fabrics that were perfect for being outdoors all the time.  Ripstop fabric, (like kite material and the material that tents are made from), waterproof, bright, and great for bringing colour to the outdoor space no matter what the season or weather.  Now available for order just here.

Another bunting for the nursery, which again can be ordered via my Etsy shop.

I found a wonderful bundle of fat quarters that were begging me to turn them into some sweet bunting for a little girls room, or to bring a touch of delicate charm to a room.  So this lovely bunting is actually in stock, and available for shipping immediately.

I also had some gorgeous fabric from the amazing RainbowGirl (I love her fabrics, they are so wonderful to work with), and the colours and pattern screamed St Patricks Day! So I created a bunting just the right size for fitting on the mantel piece, as this was all I could make with the material I had.  This has already been sold, but I will have to find some more fabric for next year, to recreate something similar.

I’ve had a few more custom orders.  One for a local shop that sells second hand baby and childrens clothing and equipment.  The challenge was to make something that was “baby-ish”" but that could also be seen from the street.  Having seen it hanging in the shop window now, I can say we safely achieved that.  It is a double bunting, which again can be ordered here with the wording of your choice, whether it be for a shop, or just to say something more than you can fit on a single bunting.

Another bunting I have been commissioned to make is for a wedding stylist, who can be found at www.stonetwobirds.co.uk as of this Sunday.  The bunting was made with lace behind the felt to create the union jack effect, which I was very pleased with.

There has been another commission made too, but it is still under wraps, so I can reveal this at a later date.

As you can see, it has been a busy time, and there are many more bunting ideas in the wings.  If you have an idea of your own you would like me to create, please contact me on claire@aisling-designs.co.uk, or via my Etsy shop.


Festive bunting

The last couple  of weeks has been busy with making festive bunting.  Some traditional designs with green and red, and some more contemporary with an lovely ice blue colour.

A post of Facebook generated a few more orders for bunting, to the point that I have now run out of the green poinsettia material.

These are the perfect size to hang at a mantle piece.

With various appliqued designs on the flags.


The “Snow” bunting has to be my favourite!  Something a little diifferent from the traditional, and could even be used all winter long, as it is not specific to Christmas.

How can you resist such a cheery little snowman? https://www.etsy.com/listing/116596779/snowy-christmas-bunting-appliqued

I had so many plans for Christmas bunting, but will have to make sure I write them down to make for next year.  And start making bunting a bit earlier too.




Custom orders

These last couple of weeks I have been working on a few custom orders for bunting.  I had a request for some jungle bunting as a gift for Christmas.  After a bit of deliberation as to what animals actually lived in the jungle, I came up with monkey, elephant, tiger and snake, and made this jungle bunting.  It has sparked an idea for more themed bunting, such as woodland, pirate, under-the-sea etc.  It is perfect for a child’s bedroom where they may have such a theme.  So this is now listed in my Etsy shop ready for orders.


The second commission was for some Blessing bunting, ready for a little girl’s first birthday in December.  The colours I was given to work with were purple flags and electric blue writing.  I found some beautiful material at the shop of another Etsian, The Rainbow Girl, which she had hand-dyed herself, combined with some hand-dyed embroidery cotton, it has made this bunting really special.

And as with Blessing bunting, each flag has, on the reverse, a blessing embroidered.  You can order Blessing Bunting here.

I am working on a couple more commissions for bunting, but will talk about those once I have photos.

Another request was for a felted flower for a Christmas gift.  The colours lilac and pink were chosen, and I wasn’t too sure what the end result would be like, I just started making.  I love it when something is so organic it evolves in your hands from a pile of wool, to something new, and you’re not too sure where the destination is!   But here is the flower, which has since sparked another commission for a similar flower after posting it on Facebook, so this too has now been listed in my shop.

In other news, I made a few things for a craft fair that the Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers were involved with.  How lovely to be presented with a cheque last night after the majority of the items pictured here were sold.


Busy behind the scenes part 2

I showed you back here in the summer holidays what was keeping me busy, with the preparing and spinning of the gorgeous Zwartble/Suffolk cross fleece in order to fulfill a custom order for an iPad cozy.  It is all finished now, and with its new owner who has let me know she is really pleased with it.

So here is the rest of the story.  I knitted up the cozy, and this was a sneaky peek of it before it was finished.

To finish it I had to add an internal structure to protect the iPad from knocks, and I had to find the perfect button.  A lovely warped silver button really finished off this iPad cover brilliantly. Such a feeling of satisfaction when you find the perfect item.

The iPad fitted perfectly, and the contrast of the bright pink and the grey gives an element of surprise to this lovely cover.

The internal structure gives a more rounded feel to the cover than it would have if it had simply been a slipcase.  But feels sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear a well used iPad takes.

There was enough wool for another case to be made, but this time it is simply a slip case with no added structure.  This one is available for sale in my etsy shop.

You would think that might be the end of the tale.  But, another spawning of the original “hibiscus bag” is in the offing, this time in the form of a macbook cover.  So the story continues…

Let’s celebrate!!

Although this particular website is new, Aisiling Designs has been around for a whole year now.  So what better time to celebrate?  And what better way to celebrate than to have a giveaway!

So what can you win?  Well, I have been working on a little something that I thought everyone would have a need for.  Everyone has birthdays, so here is the birthday banner.  With my usual applique designs on the front, it is suspended from some wooden dowelling and some plaited threads.  Perfect to hang on a door, or a wall to help celebrate a special day.

The “Happy Birthday” is handstitched with a beautiful thread that just shines in the light.

So what do you have to do to have a chance of winning?  Well, I could make you jump through hoops, but I would rather you like my things because you truly like them.  So leave a comment beneath this post for a chance to win.  If you feel like following me on facebook, or subscribing to this blog (just fill in your email at the side of this post), or catching what I’m up to on Etsy, then it would be wonderful to see you there, but it is not a pre-requisite.

So come and help me celebrate being one year old!!  Competition will close on Sunday 1st July at 9pm.


Welcome to Aisling Designs

The official home of Aisling Designs on the internet.  From here you can see the whole picture, from the creation of ideas, to projects  being worked on, to items that are finished either for sale or for a custom order.

Sneak previews, giveaways and many more things are in the offing, so please stick around to see what we get up to.