Getting all patriotic

I can’t believe I haven’t done this before.  I mean, bunting is flags, and flags, more often than not are used to represent a country.  It all started with a chance comment in a new vintage store in my local town.  I popped in to see what it was like, and mentioned if they ever needed any bunting, then to give me a call.  No sooner had I walked a few hundred yards, than I get a call to kit them out with lots of union jack bunting to help celebrate the 70th anniversary of VE day.  So I was making jumbo bunting to be hung outside, normal sized bunting for inside, mini bunting to go over doors, and a vintage style bunting for the café.  These can now be ordered from my Etsy store

unionjackmedleyFor a long time now, when I have been making a nautical bunting which has included the “M” flag, I have thought of Scotland, and the Saltire.  So I thought it was about time I actually made a Scottish banner.  There is no reason that I couldn’t reproduce other national flags too, as long as they are not too complicated, as that would push the price too high.  So the Irish flag, France, Germany, Italy, flags that do not have logos on, I could recreate in a banner.  All you have to do is ask.  In the meantime, to purchase a Scottish banner you can click here.

scottishFinally, my newest addition to the store, is some American themed bunting, which would be perfect for the upcoming Independence Day celebrations on July 4th.  The printed fabric depicts the American flag, along with home and hearts.

This is now available to purchase here.