Missing in action

Apologies for being absent for so long.  Things have been wonderfully busy at Aisling Designs, with custom orders keeping me busy for the last few months, but there have also been some technical issues with the Aisling Designs page, which are not fully resolved.

Whilst I am unable to post pictures at the moment, why not check out my Etsy shop ( https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/AislingDezines ) to see what has been added recently.  You can also keep up with me over on my Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/AislingDesignz ), which is currently having a little giveaway (closing date tomorrow evening).

Thank you for your patience, and I hope to be showing off my new buntings to you very, very soon.

Alice in Wonderland Story Bunting

I have recently created a new story bunting.  Having found some beautiful silhouette Alice bunting, I set about creating an Alice in Wonderland story bunting.  An 11 flag bunting, it has snippets of the story in pictoral form appliqued onto white and red flags.


We have the white rabbit, and I love the little clock charm that acts as his pocket watch.


Some drink and cake, along with the key (again, another charm) to let Alice through the door.


A rather manic looking Cheshire cat!


A hat for the mad hatters tea party, along with a little teapot charm.


A mini deck of cards.



And a crown for the Queen of hearts



I was delighted when I’d posted some pictures of the bunting in progress to find that a previous customer was very interested in it as their daughter was due to be having an Alice in Wonderland birthday party.  Even more delighted to be shown a picture of the bunting in it’s new home, over the party table.



I have more of the Alice fabric in stock, so can replicate the bunting again should anyone else be interested.  It can purchased via Etsy or via UniquelyUK.

Getting Spooky

We’ve been getting organised here over the summer holidays.  A couple of new designs of Halloween bunting have so far been made, with another still waiting in the wings.  We have a lime green Spooky bunting, with spider web netting on the end flags.  This is a mini bunting, so perfect for hanging over on the mantel piece, or in a corner of a room.  It can be ordered here

007 We also have a large bunting, with 9 flags it is about 3 metres long, and spells out “haunted” with  some haunted house/ halloween printed flags at either end.  Again, not the traditional colours that  you associate with halloween, but it will look fantastic helping to decorate a Halloween party.  It can be purchased here.007 Last years buntings, are also available for order, going with a more traditional theme. This one is a large bunting, comprising of 7 flags, 3 printed flags and 4 appliqued flags (a pumpkin, cauldron, ghost, and bat)011And finally another mini bunting, this time spelling out “BOO” with a spider web embroidered onto the first end flag, and a spider appliqued onto the end flag.  This too is available for order right here


A new venture

A few months ago a group of artists who had go to know each other online decided to enter into a partnership and set up their own website.  I was fortunate to be asked to join them, and so we set about creating our own website, which would be another avenue to get our products into the big wide world.  Each of us has their own specialisms.  So we have a knitter, jewellry designer, a potter, needle felt artist, someone specialising in felt creations, another specialising in creating beautiful purses, a very talented tatting artist, and a photographer who puts their photos on items such as phone cases, cushions etc. And then there is me with my bunting too.

Between the nine of us, we have a wide variety of products, and plenty of ideas!  We can be found at  www.uniquelyuk.co.uk  Please come and check us out, we would love to see you there.

uniquely screenshot


Nautical bunting

It all started with an idea, as these things do.  Making personalised bunting using the maritime signal flag code.  So I made up a display one, so that I had something to advertise.  This is the first one, it spells out JACK, and is now on display at the Old Needle Works in Redditch, along with some order forms, in case any local people want to order one.


So, I listed it on Etsy, and very quickly got a few orders from it.  This one was one of the first orders, and spells out ADRIEN.


And another, which spells out SHANE.  Sometimes I know the destination of the bunting, other times I don’t.  The Shane bunting was for the room of a yet unborn little boy in America.


JESSICA is another of them.  Lovely to think of it going to a girl.  019

A request for a couple of buntings to go on some boats down in Australia.  This one was 13 flags long, and will be used for festivals.   010And this is other Australia bound bunting, spelling out CHARLOTTE. 018

Each of the flags are made by me, through patchwork techniques, with some applique as well. They are then strung on some lightweight rope, and knotted either side of the flag.  The ends are then eye-spliced to add to the nautical feel and create a hanging loop for the bunting.008

I have listings for various lengths of flag, but if there is a length you require that is not there, you just need to contact me.  https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/153433107/nautical-personalised-bunting-signal

More nautical bunting is being made at present.  To my knowledge, the ones I have made so far have been used for going away presents, baby showers, to decorate a nursery, as a banner for a wedding, and to decorate boats.  And I’m sure there are many more uses for it too.

Summer flowers

A wonderful customer, who has requested many colour combinations of hair grips in the past, recently contacted me to see if I could create some more colour combinations for her.  This is such a lovely way to explore colour combinations, and I set about spinning some wool.

custom order

For some of the colours of wool, I approached a friend who dyes wool, and asked her to create some of the colours that were asked for.  Kirsty, at Wharfedale Woolworks kindly obliged me, and this enabled me to get the colours needed. rose and dark grey

Some of the colour combinations have been added to the shop, as I spun extra wool.  Others will be added when I find the time to add them!!  mint and light greyThis colour combination I think would make lovely hair grips for a bridesmaid, and can be ordered heremint and beige purple and dark greyI think this may be my favourite colour combination, olive and salmon pink.  It can be ordered right hereolive and salmonIf you would like to order any of the colours here that have not yet been added to the shop, you can order them via this listing, and just specify what colours you would like, or just drop me a line via a contact conversation on Etsy. pale pink and green

I am always open to custom orders, and love creating colour combinations especially for the individual, so if  you have your own ideas as to what colours you would like in a floral hairgrip, please do contact me. turquoise and cream



A vintage wedding with Stone Two Birds

A few months ago I was asked by a friend, who has the most wonderful wedding planning company, to help create some items for a 1940′s style wedding, for a wedding fair they were attending in April.  Of course I said yes, and we started working on ideas of how to create some Union Jack style bunting but in pink and green.  We eventually decided on the plain pink background with mint green felt to make the crosses, and the white from lace stitched behind the felt. And of course you have to have gingham!

Union Jack bunting Another part of helping them create the 1940′s look was to make some tea cosies.  So I managed to source some vintage tea cosy patterns, and created them in the pink and green of the bunting.  These looked amazing with the green Beryl teapots that Stone Two Birds had managed to find.

tea cosyS2B table

Another request was for some bridal SOS kits, a little bag that could hold a few emergency supplies to help her get through the day, eg headache tablets, hair grips, plaster etc.  So I created a selection of crocheted bags from cream and white cotton, lined with blue linen, and finished with two stone bird beads, which I was so pleased at finding!

sos bags

It was such a delight working with a group of people who had such original ideas for a wedding, and being able to help with the whole homemade ethos of the time was great.

If you ever need any event planning, then you really do need to check out Stone Two Birds, they have amazing ideas, and work so hard in making your day special.

(photos from Stone Two Birds, used with their kind permission)

Adding to the range

I have a number of hair clips in my shop, in a variety of colours and have had a number of custom order for them, which has added to the number of colours available.  They are all made with handspun wool, and embellished with lace and crystal beads.

Some of the new colours are more summery, such as this beautiful lemon-y coloured hair grip. Available for order just here

lemon hair grip

Also some cream hair grips, which I think would be perfect for a summer wedding, or to add a touch of  glamour to an outfit.  Which can be bought here

cream hair grip

I have also had a custom order for a gorgeous blue/green combination, which I can re-produce for you if you order it here.

blue green hair clips

Creating these, then sparked some other ideas, such as a ring, based upon the same design. This is secured to an adjustable ring base, meaning it will fit many different shaped fingers.  This can be bought here

flower ring

I also had a desire to create some peacock inspired hair clips, which are available to buy here

peacock hair grips

I have an idea for some pastel coloured hair clips in pale blue and pink, but these are still in the development phase!

I am always open to colour combination suggestions, for both the hair clips and rings.  I can be contacted via Etsy to discuss any custom orders.

Little Red Riding Hood

I have had this bunting in mind for a long time.  So it was wonderful to be able to eventually bring it to fruition.  The story of Little Red Riding Hood is a little gruesome in places, depending on what version you read, so trying to depict it in a gentle way, so that the bunting is appropriate for children took some thought.

The beautiful printed fabric really brings a folky feel to this bunting, and the appliqued flags are on calico fabric, which again gives a more rustic feel to the bunting.

There are 5 appliqued flags, starting with the covered basket the Red Riding Hood takes to her Grandma’s house, then there is a flag of trees to represent the woods.  Followed by the wolf in  Grandma’s clothes in bed waiting for Little Red.  An axe in a block of wood represents the woodcutter, who rescues Little Red and and her Grandmother.  And then finally Little Red gets to give the basket of food to her Grandmother, with smiles all around.

This is available to buy in my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/listing/127472906/childrens-story-bunting-fairy-tale


Trying to get your name out into the big wide world is an integral part of any business.  But with no budget to work with there is a limited amount that you can do.  So recently I have been doing a little more to try and promote myself, and get people thinking about Aisling Designs.

I was very happy to be asked to create a bunting for a recent Etsy meet up in Nottingham.  It  managed to get into the photos of the event, which have since been posted in various places on the internet, as well is an article in a Nottingham newspaper.

Other ways of promoting Aisling Designs recently include taking part in a free shipping promotion that is happening on Etsy.  So for the rest of March you can get free shipping within the UK in my shop and others, by using the code FREEMARCH13.  The other shops taking part can be found here.

Also on Etsy, I am taking part in a team giveaway, in association with the British Emporia Team.  Which means that the winner will get £100 to spend in ten shops taking part in the giveaway, that’s £10 in each shop.  More details can be found  here.

Then there is the “networking”.  Facebook and Twitter are great for this (when I can think of something to post about ;) ) If you haven’t yet found me in these places I am on Facebook right here, and Twitter just here.  Every Tuesday and Thursday evening between 8 and 9pm there is a #uketsyhour on twitter, so if you want to find more UK based crafters, it might be worth checking this out, I have found some wonderful shops there, that I would never have come across otherwise.