An upcycled giveaway

I had an idea, for a new kind of bunting.  Keeping the theme of upcycyling, I thought why not denim?  We are always going through denim trousers, and the remaining fabric is always in good nick. So, I used some sheer fabric I have from swatches from the clothing industry, that would have otherwise been thrown away, and combined with some denim, to create a stained glass window effect.

The prototype I created had a few flaws in it, that often occur when you are trying a new idea.  But they don’t detract from the overall effect of the bunting, so I thought I would use the prototype for a giveaway prize.

So let me introduce…

denim giveaway

You will need to visit my facebook page to enter, which can be found at

Best of luck!


Getting all patriotic

I can’t believe I haven’t done this before.  I mean, bunting is flags, and flags, more often than not are used to represent a country.  It all started with a chance comment in a new vintage store in my local town.  I popped in to see what it was like, and mentioned if they ever needed any bunting, then to give me a call.  No sooner had I walked a few hundred yards, than I get a call to kit them out with lots of union jack bunting to help celebrate the 70th anniversary of VE day.  So I was making jumbo bunting to be hung outside, normal sized bunting for inside, mini bunting to go over doors, and a vintage style bunting for the café.  These can now be ordered from my Etsy store

unionjackmedleyFor a long time now, when I have been making a nautical bunting which has included the “M” flag, I have thought of Scotland, and the Saltire.  So I thought it was about time I actually made a Scottish banner.  There is no reason that I couldn’t reproduce other national flags too, as long as they are not too complicated, as that would push the price too high.  So the Irish flag, France, Germany, Italy, flags that do not have logos on, I could recreate in a banner.  All you have to do is ask.  In the meantime, to purchase a Scottish banner you can click here.

scottishFinally, my newest addition to the store, is some American themed bunting, which would be perfect for the upcoming Independence Day celebrations on July 4th.  The printed fabric depicts the American flag, along with home and hearts.

This is now available to purchase here.



Geek fest

Recently there has been a bit of a theme to the bunting I have been producing.  A bit of a geek theme.  It all started with some weather front bunting.  I’d been looking at the weather forecast, and it struck me that the fronts on the maps looked like bunting.  It had then been at the back of my mind for a while, and it got to a point where I just HAD to make it!  It’s made out of ripstop fabric, which makes it weather proof too!  It can be seen in full over on Etsy.

weather bunting

It then progressed onto the geekiness of computers.  Finding this keyboard fabric as a discontinued remnant made it even more alluring to make, knowing that this would be my only chance.  Combined with circuit board fabric just compounds the geek factor!  When my sons saw the bunting, they wanted it there and then, but I have denied them this for now, and put it for sale in the shop.


Finally I found this fantastic range of fabrics by Robert Kaufman. It immediately appealed to my inner geek, and again I just couldn’t let it sit in my stash for too long, before turning it into this bunting, which is already proving very popular.


I think I have got the geekiness out of my system for now, but if I find some more brilliant fabrics that appeal to that side of me, you can be assured that I will get creating with more geeky bunting.


Because summer is always unpredictable!

Certainly in the UK, where we are based, summer is always a pretty unpredictable affair.  We can get a spell of dry weather where we are crying out for rain, or we can have the wettest weather imaginable, where we are crying out for it to just stop raining!  So, for those times (that can sometimes seem so very rare) we have waterproof bunting.  It will bring colour to your garden even on the greyest of days, and when the sun does shine through, you already have decorations up for when you get the barbeque out!

All the bunting flags are made from ripstop fabric, which is a nylon fabric used to make kites and tents.

We have a budget range of plain coloured flags, flag costing £1.  We have this in rainbow colours

003… and neon.  As the plain ripstop fabric is the same both sides, each flag is a single piece of fabric, which is what makes it that bit cheaper.

002The other range is also double sided, but the patterned fabric is not double sided, so two pieces of fabric are required to make the reversible effect.  And to maintain continuity, this is repeated with the plain ripstop.


There is floral with red and yellow flags…

007…and butterfly and flowers with blue and pink fabric.  Each of these is £2 a flag.


Custom orders are, as ever, always welcome.  And there is plenty of fabric to make some long lengths of bunting should they be required.  And although we are armed with waterproof bunting, here’s hoping we have a wonderfully sunny summer.

Season bunting

As it is Easter Sunday (just about) I guess this is a good time to introduce the seasonal bunting that I create.  These are usually created as mini buntings, but can be created as larger 2.5m buntings too.  I currently have all seasons catered for, although some designs may change over time, according to fabrics and inspiration.  Inspiration comes through a combination of the natural world, and the fabrics I find.

Spring has seen two different buntings.  The original was this 2.5m bunting, but once it sold I had to create an alternative, as I couldn’t get the fabric anymore.005So I then came up with this mini bunting, which currently for sale here.  Which features a bluebell, a birds nest, a daffodil, and tree in blossom.


Moving onto summer there is a lovely 2.5m bunting, which would be beautiful for a garden party, or even just to brighten up a house.  It features a butterfly, some flowers on a vine, a stylised sun, and a tree in fruit.  It is a one off bunting, and is available for purchase here.


Autumn brings some beautiful warm tones, with hand dyed fabric, and a pumpkin, mushrooms, a hedgehog, and tree losing it’s leaves.  This is a mini bunting, which would look lovely hanging over a mantle piece as the nights draw in, and can be ordered here.016Finally, Winter.  I created a “snow” bunting, with beautiful ice blue fabric, and cute little snowmen on the end flags.


Whilst the original is still for sale, it has inspired a commission for a bunting spelling out “let it snow”


I am always open to commissions or suggestions for a seasonal bunting, if you have an idea you would like me to create, please contact me.

Most popular

002I seem to spend most of my time making nautical bunting.  Following the maritime signal flags I create patchwork flags to create a personalised bunting, spelling out whatever the customer wants.  Since making the first one around this time last year, I have made 33 nautical buntings, ranging from 4  18cm square flags through to the complete alphabet in large 30cm square flags. This was the largest bunting I have made to date, measuring over 13m in length.  It was hard to get a photo of it, but you can just about get a sense of it in this photo.


The wonderful thing about taking on custom orders, is that you get to make things that you would never thought of making.  Such as switching colours on the nautical flags to co-ordinate with a room, hence this banner I made for a child’s nursery.


I have had to make some changes to the original design, such as changing the rope colour, as the original red colour, could not be sourced any more, and once I had used the 50m of it up, I had to find an alternative.  So now they are made with a hemp rope in natural colour.

This seems to be a very versatile bunting, being used in a wide variety of places, from boat clubs and boats, to babies nurseries, from weddings to housewarming gifts.  The one that has made me smile the most though, was the request for a bunting spelling out nerds.  I had visions of all these people trying to work out what it said, and then laughing when they realised!

Your own nautical bunting can be ordered here.




I’m back


Thank you to my wonderful technical support (aka as my husband) I can now show you all the wonderful buntings I have been busy making over the 6 months I have been not updating the site.  So prepare to be bombarded over the next few days with plenty of buntings, along with some knitting and crochet, and even some embroidery.

The most recent bunting was 6m of rainbow bunting. I was pleased to be able to use this as an excuse to update my pictures of this, as my photography skills have improved since the first rainbow bunting I made, back in the early days.  I still have plenty of material  left, for more orders should anyone want any, and can provide lengths from 1.5m through to 6m or beyond if so required, it can be ordered here.

Getting Spooky

We’ve been getting organised here over the summer holidays.  A couple of new designs of Halloween bunting have so far been made, with another still waiting in the wings.  We have a lime green Spooky bunting, with spider web netting on the end flags.  This is a mini bunting, so perfect for hanging over on the mantel piece, or in a corner of a room.  It can be ordered here

007 We also have a large bunting, with 9 flags it is about 3 metres long, and spells out “haunted” with  some haunted house/ halloween printed flags at either end.  Again, not the traditional colours that  you associate with halloween, but it will look fantastic helping to decorate a Halloween party.  It can be purchased here.007 Last years buntings, are also available for order, going with a more traditional theme. This one is a large bunting, comprising of 7 flags, 3 printed flags and 4 appliqued flags (a pumpkin, cauldron, ghost, and bat)011And finally another mini bunting, this time spelling out “BOO” with a spider web embroidered onto the first end flag, and a spider appliqued onto the end flag.  This too is available for order right here


Nautical bunting

It all started with an idea, as these things do.  Making personalised bunting using the maritime signal flag code.  So I made up a display one, so that I had something to advertise.  This is the first one, it spells out JACK, and is now on display at the Old Needle Works in Redditch, along with some order forms, in case any local people want to order one.


So, I listed it on Etsy, and very quickly got a few orders from it.  This one was one of the first orders, and spells out ADRIEN.


And another, which spells out SHANE.  Sometimes I know the destination of the bunting, other times I don’t.  The Shane bunting was for the room of a yet unborn little boy in America.


JESSICA is another of them.  Lovely to think of it going to a girl.  019

A request for a couple of buntings to go on some boats down in Australia.  This one was 13 flags long, and will be used for festivals.   010And this is other Australia bound bunting, spelling out CHARLOTTE. 018

Each of the flags are made by me, through patchwork techniques, with some applique as well. They are then strung on some lightweight rope, and knotted either side of the flag.  The ends are then eye-spliced to add to the nautical feel and create a hanging loop for the bunting.008

I have listings for various lengths of flag, but if there is a length you require that is not there, you just need to contact me.

More nautical bunting is being made at present.  To my knowledge, the ones I have made so far have been used for going away presents, baby showers, to decorate a nursery, as a banner for a wedding, and to decorate boats.  And I’m sure there are many more uses for it too.

A vintage wedding with Stone Two Birds

A few months ago I was asked by a friend, who has the most wonderful wedding planning company, to help create some items for a 1940′s style wedding, for a wedding fair they were attending in April.  Of course I said yes, and we started working on ideas of how to create some Union Jack style bunting but in pink and green.  We eventually decided on the plain pink background with mint green felt to make the crosses, and the white from lace stitched behind the felt. And of course you have to have gingham!

Union Jack bunting Another part of helping them create the 1940′s look was to make some tea cosies.  So I managed to source some vintage tea cosy patterns, and created them in the pink and green of the bunting.  These looked amazing with the green Beryl teapots that Stone Two Birds had managed to find.

tea cosyS2B table

Another request was for some bridal SOS kits, a little bag that could hold a few emergency supplies to help her get through the day, eg headache tablets, hair grips, plaster etc.  So I created a selection of crocheted bags from cream and white cotton, lined with blue linen, and finished with two stone bird beads, which I was so pleased at finding!

sos bags

It was such a delight working with a group of people who had such original ideas for a wedding, and being able to help with the whole homemade ethos of the time was great.

If you ever need any event planning, then you really do need to check out Stone Two Birds, they have amazing ideas, and work so hard in making your day special.

(photos from Stone Two Birds, used with their kind permission)