Festive bunting

The last couple  of weeks has been busy with making festive bunting.  Some traditional designs with green and red, and some more contemporary with an lovely ice blue colour.

A post of Facebook generated a few more orders for bunting, to the point that I have now run out of the green poinsettia material.

These are the perfect size to hang at a mantle piece.

With various appliqued designs on the flags.


The “Snow” bunting has to be my favourite!  Something a little diifferent from the traditional, and could even be used all winter long, as it is not specific to Christmas.

How can you resist such a cheery little snowman? https://www.etsy.com/listing/116596779/snowy-christmas-bunting-appliqued

I had so many plans for Christmas bunting, but will have to make sure I write them down to make for next year.  And start making bunting a bit earlier too.




The build up to Christmas

I know it is only October,  but Christmas is only around the corner, and I feel so disorganised as a crafter.  I haven’t been doing this long enough to have “done” Christmas before, and I already feel like I’ve left it too late!!

One thing I am excited about is a little project between myself and Michelle over at Handmade Haven.  She made a batch of cinammon soaps, which I am felting in Christmassy colours and designs.  The felted soaps lather up beautifully, which means you use less soap each time. The felt also acts like a flannel, and gently exfoliates the skin, and as you use it the wool continues to felt, so it stays close tight to the soap itself.  These will hopefully make a wonderful stocking filler type present.I have been asked by the guild if I had any things that I could sell at a stall they are doing in November.  So, I am making up some crocheted flowers using bits of spun wool, and turning them into brooches.  There is also plans for hairclips and bobby pins too!

I have a custom order for a macBook cover based on the original Hibiscus bag and the iPad cover that came from that.  So have been busy spinning more wool to complete this.

There are plans for Christmas bunting, although, right now, this is right down on the list of priorities, but the material is there, ready and waiting for when I have a spare moment!

A custom order for some jungle bunting is ready to be made, now that I have all the material.

And three more custom Blessing buntings to be made by December, using various ccombinations of these colours.

I think this should keep me fairly busy til December, but just on the off chance there is a quiet moment, there are some Christmas cross-stitches I could do too!

And don’t you just know, it will be here before we know it!!