Market Day – August 22

Sorry, running a day late this week.

I would like to introduce to you this week a shop that is full of the most delicate items.  TataniaRose creates beautiful tatted items. From jewellry to bookmarks, cards to christmas decorations.  Tatting is something that reminds me of my Nan, she used to create beautiful tatted edges to table cloths, and I remember watching her hands whizzing into and out of the thread she had wrapped around the bobbin (is that what it is called?) Please check out the wonderful creations at TataniaRose, it is an artform that seems so rare these days, but is so beautiful both to watch and to see the end results.

Another bit of exciting news is that there is now a new team on Etsy.  Green Parents is a group of people from the green parent forum that also run their own etsy shops.  We thought it would be a good idea to work together to help promote each other.  All of us are juggling crafting and children, so please come and visit us and see what we are up to.

Hope you enjoy this weeks “shop of the week” courtesy of CraftBritannia group on Etsy.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

This is what I have been reminding myself these last couple of weeks.  About 10 days ago I hurt my little finger.  Just bent it the wrong way but gosh, did it hurt!  And it is still hurting.  I can’t crochet, as I use my little finger to create the tension in the yarn.  It tends to be hurting only when I put it under pressure, so I can still spin, and the yarn I have produced is so wonderfully soft and squishy (alpaca/merino three ply) and such subtle colour changes.  This is destined for a cushion cover for the guiild competition, but I think I will have enough fleece and fibre to make some more for sale.

My sewing machine is poorly at the moment, so all things sewing had been put on hold.  However, after a plea on facebook for a recommendation for somewhere that could do a sewing machine service, my aunt stepped in and gave me her machine that she no longer used.

Not only that but she gave me all of Grandma’s threads that she used.  Grandma was a very talented lady, and would often make gorgeous outfits for herself, as well as collages and sewn birthday cards, so I feel very honoured to have such things that were hers.  I just hope I can do them justice.

The final silver lining, after feeling that I was such a tiny fish in Etsy, and not being able to get any sales.  I was recommended to join a team, full of British sellers, and they are a wealth of knowledge for all things Etsy.  They support each other and help to promote each other.  I still don’t have any sales other than commissions from friends (which I’m not knocking in any way whatsoever, I LOVE doing commissions) but I don’t feel so alone doing what I do now.  And in the light of promoting others, here is the link for CraftBritannia’s shop of the week.