An inspirational talk – Julia O’Connell

This last week I went to our monthly Guild meeting.  The Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers meet at Stratford College, usually on the third Friday of the month.  This month we had a visiting speaker, Julia O’Connell, to talk about the “Godiva Awakes” project that was part of the culteral olympiad, where 12 regions of the country create an object of art to represent their region.  Godiva Awakes represented the West Midlands.

Julia, is a textile artist, and is drawn to incorporating peoples stories into her work.  I was particularly struck by the very emotive straight jacket she had produced based on a man’s experience of 1960′s childrens homes.  The straight jacket had his description of his experience screen printed onto it.

Julia was approached to create a coat that would draw together peoples stories from over all over the West Midlands.  However, this was no ordinary coat, this was to clothe a 5 metre high animatronic puppet that was going to walk or ride from Coventry to Westminster.

(picture from Coventry Observer)

Julia had various artists go to different areas to collate stories of peoples experiences in industry, they then brought back their stories to act as the inspiration for the designs on the coat.  The frill around the neck of the coat, is based on a glove forms from Worcester.  Each one cut out from lightweight material so that it had movement as Godiva walked.  There were many embroidered patterns too throughout the coat of glove forms, and buttons made from leather.

Smethwich provided the inspiration for the glass cufflinks. The Potteries gave rise to some stunning applique work based on the topside view of teapots, along with the various colours of glazes that have been used over the years for another part of the coat.  Beautiful embroidered beetles were found in various places on the coat, which came from the story from the Black Country, where children used to collect beetles to play with and race.  A more modern industry was also represented, based on the Oliver Twins from Leamington Spa, who are part of the gaming industry, so pacman was there, along with technical circuit board like maps.

There is an element to the coat of the story continuing to unfold.  Rather than protecting the coat from the elements (of which there were many last summer) they added to the story of the coat, so the rain made the collar curl, and the colour of the coat changed as it got soaked by the rain.

The lining of the coat had various screen printings of Godiva on, along with 7,000 tailors tacks, which I thought was an inspired idea.  To go along with the stories intertwined within the coat, there was a tailors tack for each person who had contributed to the project, from engineers creating the puppet, to investors, from artists, to the people who told their stories. Then as Godiva made her way to London, some of these tacks would fall out, leaving a trace, a legacy of her being there.  This project took 3 years to be realised, I can imagine the legacy that it made on those involved has been immense, but it too leaves an impression, and acts as an inspiration to all those who have seen it.  My words cannot do it justice, but needless to say, I have  collected some of those tailors tacks that had fallen out at the talk to add to my sketchbook.


Custom orders

These last couple of weeks I have been working on a few custom orders for bunting.  I had a request for some jungle bunting as a gift for Christmas.  After a bit of deliberation as to what animals actually lived in the jungle, I came up with monkey, elephant, tiger and snake, and made this jungle bunting.  It has sparked an idea for more themed bunting, such as woodland, pirate, under-the-sea etc.  It is perfect for a child’s bedroom where they may have such a theme.  So this is now listed in my Etsy shop ready for orders.

The second commission was for some Blessing bunting, ready for a little girl’s first birthday in December.  The colours I was given to work with were purple flags and electric blue writing.  I found some beautiful material at the shop of another Etsian, The Rainbow Girl, which she had hand-dyed herself, combined with some hand-dyed embroidery cotton, it has made this bunting really special.

And as with Blessing bunting, each flag has, on the reverse, a blessing embroidered.  You can order Blessing Bunting here.

I am working on a couple more commissions for bunting, but will talk about those once I have photos.

Another request was for a felted flower for a Christmas gift.  The colours lilac and pink were chosen, and I wasn’t too sure what the end result would be like, I just started making.  I love it when something is so organic it evolves in your hands from a pile of wool, to something new, and you’re not too sure where the destination is!   But here is the flower, which has since sparked another commission for a similar flower after posting it on Facebook, so this too has now been listed in my shop.

In other news, I made a few things for a craft fair that the Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers were involved with.  How lovely to be presented with a cheque last night after the majority of the items pictured here were sold.