An upcycled giveaway

I had an idea, for a new kind of bunting.  Keeping the theme of upcycyling, I thought why not denim?  We are always going through denim trousers, and the remaining fabric is always in good nick. So, I used some sheer fabric I have from swatches from the clothing industry, that would have otherwise been thrown away, and combined with some denim, to create a stained glass window effect.

The prototype I created had a few flaws in it, that often occur when you are trying a new idea.  But they don’t detract from the overall effect of the bunting, so I thought I would use the prototype for a giveaway prize.

So let me introduce…

denim giveaway

You will need to visit my facebook page to enter, which can be found at

Best of luck!


A TV campaign

1481_UK_TV_ad_800x800_AISLING DEZINES


At the beginning of May a call went out for people to apply to be in Etsy’s first ever UK tv advert.  After some logistical considerations, I applied, and then didn’t think too much of it afterwards.

To my utter amazement, I was selected along with my bunting (and 60 odd other Etsy sellers).  So a beautiful sunny Wednesday in mid May I found myself sat on a train with lots of business commuters, speeding my way to London.

The day was amazing, if exhausting!  A fantastic insight into advert production and the work that goes into making a 30 second advert!  I met lots of wonderful Etsy sellers, all of who were equally as passionate about handmade.  If you click on the icon below, you will be able to see some of their wonderful products.


You can get a feel for the day of filming itself through this behind the scenes footage that has been produced.

The advert itself is now live, and can be seen over the next three weeks on Channel 4 and Sky channels.  But in case you don’t catch it on the telly, it is also on you tube  Look out for the bunting ;)



A new venture

A few months ago a group of artists who had go to know each other online decided to enter into a partnership and set up their own website.  I was fortunate to be asked to join them, and so we set about creating our own website, which would be another avenue to get our products into the big wide world.  Each of us has their own specialisms.  So we have a knitter, jewellry designer, a potter, needle felt artist, someone specialising in felt creations, another specialising in creating beautiful purses, a very talented tatting artist, and a photographer who puts their photos on items such as phone cases, cushions etc. And then there is me with my bunting too.

Between the nine of us, we have a wide variety of products, and plenty of ideas!  We can be found at  Please come and check us out, we would love to see you there.

uniquely screenshot



Trying to get your name out into the big wide world is an integral part of any business.  But with no budget to work with there is a limited amount that you can do.  So recently I have been doing a little more to try and promote myself, and get people thinking about Aisling Designs.

I was very happy to be asked to create a bunting for a recent Etsy meet up in Nottingham.  It  managed to get into the photos of the event, which have since been posted in various places on the internet, as well is an article in a Nottingham newspaper.

Other ways of promoting Aisling Designs recently include taking part in a free shipping promotion that is happening on Etsy.  So for the rest of March you can get free shipping within the UK in my shop and others, by using the code FREEMARCH13.  The other shops taking part can be found here.

Also on Etsy, I am taking part in a team giveaway, in association with the British Emporia Team.  Which means that the winner will get £100 to spend in ten shops taking part in the giveaway, that’s £10 in each shop.  More details can be found  here.

Then there is the “networking”.  Facebook and Twitter are great for this (when I can think of something to post about ;) ) If you haven’t yet found me in these places I am on Facebook right here, and Twitter just here.  Every Tuesday and Thursday evening between 8 and 9pm there is a #uketsyhour on twitter, so if you want to find more UK based crafters, it might be worth checking this out, I have found some wonderful shops there, that I would never have come across otherwise.


And the winner is…

Thank you to everyoone who helped me celebrate my first year on Etsy by entering my giveaway.  There were 32 names put in the felted bowl this morning.

I asked for a volunteer to draw a name from the bowl, and my lovely middle son, Alec kindly offered.

And the name that was drawn out, and therefore  the winner of the chick and nest, is….

Congratulations Clair, if you could let me have your address, I will get your prize to you.

Not wanting to leave everyone else with nothing.  I am taking part in a free shipping promotion on Etsy.  So any purchase within the UK, for the duration of March will be entitled to free shipping by using the code FREEMARCH13.

Competition time

In 4 days time it will have been a year since I opened Aisling Designs on Etsy.  It has been a very steep learning curve, learning how to promote myself (which I’m still not very good at!), learning how to take better pictures, and how to try to make your products seen in such a massive market place.  40 sales in a year is a good starting block, and I am excited to see where Aisling Designs go this next year.  Thank you to everyone who has supported me this last year, and to celebrate I would like to offer you the chance to win a little Easter decoration.

This is what you could win.  Perfect for the Easter table or even for a seasons table.  A cute little chick is just emerging from it’s silk cocoon egg, with one of it’s siblings not far behind it.

How can you win?  I’m not a great fan of making people jump through hoops, but in the name of promotion (remember I said I wasn’t very good at that!) I would like you to promote this in any way you can, so follow me on twitter, facebook, Etsy, and of course you can sign up for update right here on my blog. The more you do, the more chances you have of winning, just leave a post below and let me know what you have done, and where you have shared it.

The closing date for the competition is 28th February 2013 at 9pm.

Thank you again, and good luck.


Every cloud has a silver lining.

This is what I have been reminding myself these last couple of weeks.  About 10 days ago I hurt my little finger.  Just bent it the wrong way but gosh, did it hurt!  And it is still hurting.  I can’t crochet, as I use my little finger to create the tension in the yarn.  It tends to be hurting only when I put it under pressure, so I can still spin, and the yarn I have produced is so wonderfully soft and squishy (alpaca/merino three ply) and such subtle colour changes.  This is destined for a cushion cover for the guiild competition, but I think I will have enough fleece and fibre to make some more for sale.

My sewing machine is poorly at the moment, so all things sewing had been put on hold.  However, after a plea on facebook for a recommendation for somewhere that could do a sewing machine service, my aunt stepped in and gave me her machine that she no longer used.

Not only that but she gave me all of Grandma’s threads that she used.  Grandma was a very talented lady, and would often make gorgeous outfits for herself, as well as collages and sewn birthday cards, so I feel very honoured to have such things that were hers.  I just hope I can do them justice.

The final silver lining, after feeling that I was such a tiny fish in Etsy, and not being able to get any sales.  I was recommended to join a team, full of British sellers, and they are a wealth of knowledge for all things Etsy.  They support each other and help to promote each other.  I still don’t have any sales other than commissions from friends (which I’m not knocking in any way whatsoever, I LOVE doing commissions) but I don’t feel so alone doing what I do now.  And in the light of promoting others, here is the link for CraftBritannia’s shop of the week.