All you need to do is ask

One of the lovely things about crafting is being able to create something for somebody that is specifically for them.  Whether it be recreating a previous creation in different colours, such as these hair clips I have made on request following the hairclips I had made for the Guild stall back in November.

I will add a listing to my shop in the new year for custom hair clips to your own colour specifications.

I have also been making ruffle scarves, following a night out and a few admirers of the scarf I had made myself.

So two ruffle scarves requested and made, and now the option is listed here, so people can order the style and colour of scarf for me to knit for them.

As with anything I make, if there is something you like the idea of, but would prefer different colours, a different theme, or even if I haven’t made it but you have an idea you would like me to create, all you have to do is ask.