Decisions, decisions

Last year, for my daughters birthday I  made her a story bag.  A cloth bag filled with knitted characters from one of her favourite books, Chicken Licken.  It sparked and idea, and I decided to see if I could make some to sell, this time making the bag a little more professional looking (lined, and with a pocket for the book).  I made sure I sourced patterns that were able to made to be sold, and I had some success with these, and also great enjoyment in re-creating the characters from the books.

We had The three Billy Goats Gruff…

…Little Red Riding Hood…

…and The Three Little Pigs

But, it then came to my notice that these would be subject to safety regulations, and to remain legal they would have to be CE marked.  After the initial anger subsided that something as straightforward as a knitted toy should be regulated, I decided that I would look into what was required to obtain the CE mark.  A meeting yesterday with a lovely woman from trading standards has given me some hope, and has answered some of my questions.  But I still have to see if they would require each character to be tested, and if that is the case, this is definitely the end of Story Bags.

If they just need a sample to test I will have to create a story bag and characters for them to put through it’s paces and see what it takes to destroy them.

The simple play scene below, looks like it might be a rare sight, an even sadder sight is the knitted, but yet unsewn characters I made for a gingerbread man bag, they may never see small hands playing with them.

So, decisions to be made.  And trying not to get too emotional about it all!!