Alice in Wonderland Story Bunting

I have recently created a new story bunting.  Having found some beautiful silhouette Alice bunting, I set about creating an Alice in Wonderland story bunting.  An 11 flag bunting, it has snippets of the story in pictoral form appliqued onto white and red flags.


We have the white rabbit, and I love the little clock charm that acts as his pocket watch.


Some drink and cake, along with the key (again, another charm) to let Alice through the door.


A rather manic looking Cheshire cat!


A hat for the mad hatters tea party, along with a little teapot charm.


A mini deck of cards.



And a crown for the Queen of hearts



I was delighted when I’d posted some pictures of the bunting in progress to find that a previous customer was very interested in it as their daughter was due to be having an Alice in Wonderland birthday party.  Even more delighted to be shown a picture of the bunting in it’s new home, over the party table.



I have more of the Alice fabric in stock, so can replicate the bunting again should anyone else be interested.  It can purchased via Etsy or via UniquelyUK.

Little Red Riding Hood

I have had this bunting in mind for a long time.  So it was wonderful to be able to eventually bring it to fruition.  The story of Little Red Riding Hood is a little gruesome in places, depending on what version you read, so trying to depict it in a gentle way, so that the bunting is appropriate for children took some thought.

The beautiful printed fabric really brings a folky feel to this bunting, and the appliqued flags are on calico fabric, which again gives a more rustic feel to the bunting.

There are 5 appliqued flags, starting with the covered basket the Red Riding Hood takes to her Grandma’s house, then there is a flag of trees to represent the woods.  Followed by the wolf in  Grandma’s clothes in bed waiting for Little Red.  An axe in a block of wood represents the woodcutter, who rescues Little Red and and her Grandmother.  And then finally Little Red gets to give the basket of food to her Grandmother, with smiles all around.

This is available to buy in my Etsy shop

Story Bunting

For a while now I have had the idea for Story Bunting, and in the lull after Christmas, I was able to bring this idea into fruition. Story bunting consists of taking a childrens story, highlighting the key elements, and appliquing those in pictoral form onto flags of the bunting.  This is then interspersed with printed fabrics of an appropriate theme.

The first story bunting tells the story of “The Little Red Hen”, where a little hen decides she wants to bake some bread, and sets about growing her own corn, watering it, harvesting it, grinding it to flour, and then finally baking some bread.  All without the help of her farmyard friends.

Each element of the story is depicted on the flags, and makes a perfect decoration for a reading room, library or even bringing a childs favourite story into their bedroom.

This bunting is already destined for a childrens nursery, which is opening it’s doors for the first time this coming Monday.  This nursery will also be home to three more sets of story bunting from Aisling Designs, along with some musical themed bunting, and outdoors bunting too. 

However, this bunting is also for order, and can be ordered from my Etsy shop, right here.

Keep your eyes open too, as there are plans for “LIttle Red Riding Hood”, “Goldilocks and the three bears”, “The three little pigs” and “Jack and the Beanstalk”